CHALKBOARD & TABLE TENNIS PAINT: in green and black finishes.  You can refinish an existing surface, or convert a wall in the rec or kid's room to a chalkboard finish with this product.

PORCELAIN FILLER-REPAIR: neutral in color, this will fill in deep scratches and dents.  Use our Porcelain Touch-up to top-coat and finish the job.

SUEDE LOOK: an inexpensive additive for any paint to give it that expensive suede look.  Once mixed into the paint, it will NOT settle - it stays in suspension.

METALLIC LUSTRE: a metallic paste, that can be applied by anything from one's finger, sponge, brush, rag, to almost any surface.  Takes on additional shine and lustre as it is wiped or rubbed.  In Gold, Silver, Copper and Brass finishes.  Perfect for highlighting, faux, hobby, crafts, and hundreds of interesting and beautiful applications.

METALLIC TINTS-ALL: a metallic cream, available in Gold, Silver, Brass, and Copper, for use as an additive for glazes to create a real metallic finish and appearance for metallic effect, highlighting, faux finishing, and more.

METALLIC PAINT in AEROSOL: GOLD LEAF metallic paints in 5 finishes; Silver, Gold, Copper, Brass, and Statuary aerosols.

ONE-STEP PATINAS: no acid wash of multiple coats to apply.  Available in Copper Patina, Venetian Red, and Burnished Gold.